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Equipment List


We currently have 41 microphones for use in the studio. All microphones were selected for their individual response properties, and many are the same mics found in professional studios all around the world.

Microphones Available:

SHURE: 2x SM-58, 7x SM-57, 3x Beta52A, 2x KSM-109, 1x SM7B
SENNHEISER: 4x e609s, 1x e906, 4x MD 421 II, 1x e855
AKG: 1x C414 XL5, 4x 451 B, 2x D 112
Audix: 1x D6, 2x D2, 1x D4, 1x I5
CAD: 1x M9
Cobalt: C04
Audio-Technica: 2x AT4040


A number of guitars and amplifiers are available for those who's own equipment may not quite be "studio ready". Any equipment can be used by those recording in the studio.

Guitar Amps:

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Road King
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Peavey 5150II

Guitar Cabinets:

Marshall 4x12 1960 Lead Straight (Loaded w/ G12T-75T's)
Marshall 4x12 1970's Cab (Loaded w/ Greenbacks)
Orange 4x12 Straight


Jackson MG Series Dinky w/ EMG 81/85 Pickups
Schecter Blackjack PT Custom w/ EMG 81/85 Pickups
Gibson SG Special
Tanglewood Indiana TW28STR

Bass Amps:

Yorkville XS-800
Peavey Pro 500

Bass Cabs:

Mesa Boogie 4x10 Powerhouse


Schecter Diamond Series Custom-4 w/ Passive EMG Pickups & Active EMG 2-Band EQ
Dean Vintage Z w/ PJ Pickups

Effects And Other Stuff

Dynamic Processors:

2x 482i BBE Sonic Maximizer

Guitar Pedals:

BOSS: BD-2 Blues Driver, DS-1 Distortion, OD-3 OverDrive, SD-1 Super OverDrive, SD-2 Dual OverDrive, DN-2 Dyna Drive, MD-2 Mega "Doom" Distortion, MT-2 Metal Zone, HM-2 Heavy Metal, FZ-3 Fuzz, PW-2 Power Driver, XT-2 Xtortion, AC-2 Acoustic Simulator, BF-2 Flanger, BF-3 Flanger, CE-3 Chorus, CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, CH-1 Super Chorus, CS-2 Compression Sustainer, DD-3 Digital Delay, DD-5 Digital Delay, DD-6 Digital Delay, EH-2 Enhancer, GE-7 Equalizer, LS-2 Line Selector, NF-1 Noise Gate, OC-2 Octave, PH-1R Phaser, PH-2 Super Phaser, PH-3 Phase Shifter, PS-2 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay, RC-2 Loop Station, RV-2 Digital Reverb, TR-2 Tremolo, DC-2 Dimension C, HR-2 Harmonist, PQ-4 Parametric Equalizer, LM-2 Limiter, GE-7B Bass Equalizer, CE-2 Chorus, OC-2 Octaver
DOD: FX-86B Death Metal Distortion
Digitech: Metal Master, Digital Delay
MXR: Smart Gate
Radial: Bigshot ABY

Guitar Effects Processors:


D.I. Boxes:

Radial: Pro DI Passive Direct Box
Yorkville: YDI-1P Passive Direct Box


Presonus: 2x Digimax LT 8-In Optical
Behringer: ADA8000 8-In8-Out Optical (Convertors Used Only)
ART: 2x Tube Preamp System (TPS) II 2-Channel, 1x Tube Preamp System (TPS) 2-Channel, 1x Voice Channel, 1x Pro Channel

The D.A.W.

The computer used in our studio was built exclusively for recording. It offers 4 ADAT optical inputs via a firewire interface for up to 32-tracks of simultaneous recording at 24-Bit/48Khz (although at this time, the studio only has enough preamps for 25 tracks).


Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 64-Bit @ 3.0Ghz (Quad Core)
Motherboard: ASUS M4A78T-E
RAM: 3 x 2GB OCZ DDR3 Triple Channel Ram
Hard Drives: 2x Western Digital 300 GB 10K RPM VelociRaptor
Monitors: 1x 19' Widescreen LCD, 1x 42' Widescreen LCD
Audio Interface: M-Audio Lightbridge 34/36 Firewire Interface
Dynamic Processors: 1x UAD-2, 2x UAD-1
Reference Monitors: 2x Yorkville YSM1P, 2x KRK Rokit 8, KRK Rokit 10s
Mixing Board: Soundcraft Ghost 24-Channel


Tracking/Mixing: Steinberg Cubase 6
Mastering: Wavelab 6, Har-Bal, Izotope
Plugins: UAD, Waves, Melodyne, EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer, Drumagog, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, NI B4, WizooVerb

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