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Ivy Coast
Ivy Coast
Nine Different Ways
Recorded: 2014

1. I'm So Lost
2. Take It Away
3. Closer To The Edge
4. Cancer
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Nine To Five
7. Ascending
8. Song I Didn't Want To Write
9. Goodbye
10. Ember

Sample Track // Ember
Ivy Coast is a 6 piece alternative rock band formed by lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Greg Mashinter in 2012. Originating as a 4 piece band titled "The Greg Mashinter band" the members of the collective unit (Greg Mashinter, Cole Warner and Manny Pagotto) soon realized the need for a name that would spark people's imaginations to go with there ever growing sound. In 2013 Christina Rome was added to the mix on Violin and Vocals and soon to follow would be Brent Fulop (formally of The Snips) on drums and Jane Baker to round out the band's desire for a powerful vocal section.

With catchy hooks, moments of vulnerability and creative musicality Ivy Coast draws in audiences that have never previously heard them to a state of undivided attention. Whether it be the heart and soul of the 2 main vocalists, the tasteful play between the guitars and the violin or the groovy lock in between the bass and the drums there's a lot to love about Ivy Coast.
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